Thursday, 3 October 2013

2pm update - just a bounce

From a technical perspective, the damage has been done, and the current jump should be arguably seen as a natural bounce to be shorted. With the market at the whim of the political maniacs, the days ahead look to be increasingly wild.




*looks like (how things are clearer in retrospect, urghh)...a mini H/S on the hourly chart.

Baring a daily close > is surely a case of short all bounces.

The problem bears AND bulls will face in the days ahead...increasing turbulence from sporadic news headlines from those on Capitol Hill.


2.06pm.. looking to exit a failed LONG index position..and throw into an index SHORT position....

2.10pm.. exited LONG.. .now SHORT the main market from sp'1681

Gods help the bears now, lol

2.13pm... 5/15min cycles look prone to a snap lower into the close.

What a day! ..and not over yet.

2.28pm... we have a VERY snappy market now..and the 5/15min cycles are breaking lower.

Equity bears should be seeking a close in the 1660s...with 1630/20s tomorrow.