Wednesday, 30 October 2013

1pm update - awaiting the Fed

With an hour to go until the FOMC announcement, the indexes are seeing minor chop. It remains incredible to see the sp' at such levels. Metals are holding gains, with Gold +$9. Oil is weak, -1.1% (bullish transport stocks!). VIX is holding gains of 5%.




*note the old leader appears to be offering a rollover, target would be the 6800s, which might equate to sp'1730/10..certainly..not <1700.

Lots of interesting individual stock moves out there today.

TSLA, with the recent break <160, I have to assume that one is still broadly bearish in the near term, and the obvious target zone is 110/100.

AAPL holding gains, but really, with the Fed of the day will likely see some major moves.