Thursday, 11 July 2013

10am update - utter failure

Well, the bears are utterly powerless, and the rally continues, now 110pts across 13 trading days. VIX is back in the 13s -although trying to put in an opening reversal candle, and Mr Market is again fully assured that QE forever..really is forever.




Another lousy day for the bears, but hey, hasn't it been that way for 97% of the last 900 or so trading days?

I suppose it could be seen as kinda funny, but really...its shamefully embarrassing how gods damn stupid and naively 'hopeful' the remaining bears are.

..and that most certainly includes yours truly.

On any basis, I'll be looking to exit for another loss, on the next micro-down cycle.

After all, there is absolutely no point holding into the 1725/50s.