Monday, 22 April 2013

2pm update - still battling higher

Market is stuck just under sp'1560, but bears should beware of a possible close in the mid 1560s if the algo-bots are in the mood. Precious metals and Oil are holding gains, and look set to build a little more into Tuesday.



Its quiet out there in market land..and thus the algo-bots should be more in control today than any of last week.

No reason why we won't close a little higher, the only issue is whether we gap higher tomorrow into the 1570s..or have to battle higher across the day to reach it.

2.22pm..  algo-bots in command, doing a stop run of the sp'1560 people.

VIX on the slide..maybe the 13s are briefly viable tomorrow morning.

VIX high 13s now look kinda likely, considering the algo-bots are back in control of the indexes

it also looks that this morning was indeed the B' wave.

So we're NOW in the C' wave, which could easily be complete by late tuesday morning.

2.41pm..urghh..poor bears, algo-bots gone wild, major short-stop run