Monday, 15 April 2013

11am update - equities holding together

The equity market is already seeing a provisional bounce..and it has to be said..the hourly charts offer the possibility of a green close. Precious metals remains nuked...Oil is still slipping. Dollar is a touch lower, with VIX higher, but only barely 8%..and its back <13.



I remain VERY suspicious of these opening declines.

VIX is still saying market is fearless..and as ever..every day is a QE-POMO day.

I am sitting back..and wondering if I'll catch Oil on a late day bounce.

UPDATE 11.29am... indexes slipping again, and VIX trying to bust a new high.

Tricky day, and I'm glad to be merely watching this nonsense.

Notable movers... GDX, ..and all the miners... HL, FCX, SCCO.