Thursday, 29 November 2012

10am update - almost there

The market is comfortably holding on to opening gains, and is very close to hitting my sp'1425 target. It could easily get stuck around the 50 day MA @ 1422. I would imagine the market will get stuck...imminently in the 10-11am hour.




Well, I been waiting patiently since the 1343 low, almost 2 full weeks ago, and we are indeed almost at the target I was seeking on a wave'2 'stupid bounce'.

Standing by for a re-short, once the 60min charts level out, which frankly, is probably VERY close.

We're almost there... necessary ;)

UPDATE 10.10am

SHORT from sp'1414.

We're seeing a reaction here. I may be a touch early..but I'm satisfied with my entry.

Tranny, looking like its done. Should see a confirmed rollover on the MACD cycle by early afternoon.