Friday, 28 September 2012

2pm update - Harvest moon ramp

As the harvest moon rises over the treetops, the market continues to ramp higher, the algo-bots seem to be battling for a green close to end the week, month, and economic quarter..

The VIX remains only fractionally higher.

sp'60min - H/S theory

sp'15min, rainbow


Once again, the opening declines of sp'10pts are just not enough to counteract each subsequent has been the case since early June.

The above 60min H/S theory is just something I am keeping in mind. Bears need a simple close <1437 - which seems implausible today.  A close over 1450..and that chart that gets wiped.

The 15min' cycle is due to probably level out in the next hour, around 1446/50. A close over 1450 would be a major victory for the bulls.

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