Friday, 14 September 2012

12pm update - The Fed will destroy the world

The Fed have without question brought forward the end game. Many of the doomers are no doubt outraged at the latest equity ramp - in the face of a weakening global economy, and here we are, with a new 1.02 trn (annual rate) QE..with no end.

Mr Faber, aka, Dr Doom summarises it all better than I possibly could...

meanwhile....back at the Casino


VIX, daily


We are surely going to max out 'soon', but as I keep noting, the issue then becomes, what level of pullback are we going to see next week? It could merely be a case of trading sideways - much like 2/3 weeks ago, where we then exploded higher yet again.

VIX is suggestive of a floor, but it has to be said, that is highly unreliable at such low levels.

There is a HUGE amount to consider this weekend, and I have a great deal to say on the latest QE, but I'll save that for later.

Time for lunch