Thursday, 23 August 2012

2pm update - underlying weakness increasing

Market declines are holding very nicely for the bears.

It appears the market is further upset after a report via FOX clown network that 'Romney thinks QE3 is NOT the way to go'. Commodities - including even the metals, are now suffering as a consequence.




I've been watching CNBC clown network, and just earlier, the two hosts were seemingly coming around to the notion of 'no chance of QE before the next FOMC of Dec 11/12'.

That is FIFTEEN weeks away! Can the algo-bots hold the market above the key 1354' level until then?

It sure is going to be a battle this September between the QE believers, and the deflationary doomers.

*the weekly VIX is also turning somewhat doomy, but more on that later.