Monday, 25 June 2012

Volatility Update - VIX set for further gains

VIX had a reasonably strong day, and despite slipping lower in early afternoon, showed some strength into the close -having bounced off the hourly 10MA.

On the bigger cycles, VIX looks set to jump into the 30s within the next few weeks, and would equate to sp breaking the recent 1266 low.


vix, daily, rainbow

vix, weekly


We may well open slightly higher on the indexes early Tuesday. If that is the case, look for red hollow candles to appear by 10/10.30am on the VIX - a warning that any opening index gains will NOT hold.

Indeed, I am holding to my sp' target re-short zone of 1320/25.

VIX remains set to break into the 30s within a few weeks, and 40s are very viable in the latter part of July.