Friday, 22 June 2012

2pm update - Greece vs Germany

Whilst the casino wheel continues to spin at the NYSE, in Europe, more important things are about to begin. Its the big Euro'2012 Greece vs Germany football game ;)

*as noted earlier, I have re-shorted from equivalent of sp'1330. I will look to hold until sp'1305, next Mon/Tuesday.


sp' daily 4mth


Bulls have had over 4 hours to ramp this market back..and they ARE struggling. The VIX fell a very understandable 8% or so. The daily chart is arguably all that matters to summarise where we are headed..and it ain't sp>1422

If market gets spooked over the weekend, sp'1290 is well within range, with a swift jump in the VIX to 24.

Ohh..and 'best guess'...would be Germany ;)