Monday, 2 May 2016

Pre-Market Brief

Good morning. US equity futures are moderately higher, sp +5pts, we're set to open at 2070. USD continues to cool, -0.3% in the DXY 92.70s. Metals are relentlessly climbing, Gold +$6, with Silver +0.5%. Oil is -0.3% in the $45s.



So, Friday's closing hour ramp is set to continue into a new month.

Indeed, underlying MACD (blue bar histogram) is on the very low side, and there is high potential we'll just grind upward across most of today.

However, the bigger daily/weekly cycles bode for lower levels at the week proceeds... at least to the low 2040s.

Equity bears should be seeking a break <2033... but that won't be easy.

early movers

GDX +2% in the $26s. relentless strength
STX -1.4% in the $21s, continuing to implode after lousy earnings

Overnight action

Japan: -3.1%  16147
China:  CLOSED
Germany: +1.1% @ 10151

Have a good week