Tuesday, 10 May 2016

3pm update - a musically hellish closing hour

US equities are set for a third consecutive net daily gain, with the sp' due to settle within the 2085/75 zone... along with VIX 13s. USD is set for a sixth daily gain, +0.1% in the DXY 94.20s. Metals have built moderate gains, Gold +$6, with Silver +1.1%. Oil is really helping the market mood, +2.9% in the $44s.


UUP daily


Well... 2081... the gap zone is fully filled, as Mr Market is either teasing the equity bulls (how many times is that since May 2015?)... or the bears are only just starting to feel the real pain.

For those short on margin... or time/stat' decay via options/leverage... it feels like the worse day in some months.

notable strength: DIS, +0.9% in the $106s... with earnings due at the close.

Meanwhile... for those utterly bored, or who just want a glimpse of the dying EU, you'll find no better example than.......

Ahh.. so it won't play via embedded video, instead....... just hit the YT link if you want to see some real horror.

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