Friday, 15 April 2016

12pm update - another subdued hour

US equities remain in micro chop mode, on what is becoming a particularly tedious opex. The gap zone of sp'2065/61 looks out of range until Monday.. and from there.. the market will likely bounce again. There is notable weakness in Oil, -2.5% in the $40s.. ahead of the Doha meeting this Sunday.




*VIX lower for a fourth day... in classic opex melt mode. Next week will offer the 16s.  The 17/18s look very difficult.. even if sp'2020s.

Little to add.

yours truly is increasingly getting pissed for a number of (non-market) reasons today, and if I don't return until the close... well... you know.

notable strength... miners.. GDX, daily

With Gold +$8.. the miners are naturally on the rise again.

time for lunch