Wednesday, 30 March 2016

1pm update - reversals all over the place

US equities remain moderately higher, but there are clear reversal candles appearing all over the place. A net daily decline in the sp'2055/45 zone now looks probable. VIX is similarly offering a key floor of 13.06, a daily close in the 14s would give provisional clarity.




I guess you could say, this is 'marginally' more interesting than the 11am hour.

We have clear turns on the hourly equity and VIX MACD cycles. Often, we'll get some hours of chop to solidify a floor/ceiling.

Regardless... with 3 hours to go, even a marginal net daily decline would no doubt spook some of the more twitchy bull maniacs.

notable reversal... BA, daily

Having decided to fire 4000 people, we've seen a strong swing from the $132s to 128s. Its a very long way just to reach the Feb' low of $102.

*note the daily MACD cycle, set to turn negative late today/early tomorrow. Next support will be the 50dma in the 122/120 zone... and that is a clear 4% lower.

stay tuned !