Monday, 22 February 2016

Four years, and still here

A fourth year is now complete for this growing part of the financial blogosphere.

Notable thanks to..., one of the best link sites out there., just a single post each day, but balanced., good link site, with regular charts

The fourth year

Many financial blogs/sites have disappeared across the last few years, but I'm still here!

Despite the overly bearish name, I continue to endeavour to offer as balanced a view as anyone out there, and one far superior to the general hysteria of the polar opposites of Zerohedge - CNBC/Bloomberg/Fox.

Links - I'm always looking for new sites to add to my lists... let me know if you think I'm missing something good.

Emails are always welcome - more than anything across the last few years... I prize YOUR emails. I understand not everyone wants to send messages via the public Disqus messaging system.

Taking requests - I'm always pleased to hear about a new stock/ETF, one that you might want me to take a look at.

Subscriber base? - Maybe one day, but I've nothing scheduled right now... as I also said last year.

The Big Short

... was a great movie, but I'm thinking of the ultimate trade that most of the remaining bears have been looking to achieve since this QE/paper inspired rally started in March 2009.

Margot Robbie will explain everything

Frankly, most of us deserve a gods damn medal just for being able to endure the increasingly crazy financial casino that we continue to trade.

Moody market skies ahead

By mid March, this market should be close to maxing out - whether sp'1950/60s or around the 2K threshold, making for another important lower high. In theory, a 'big short' trade will soon be due.

Let the fifth year begin!

Macro chatter from Armstrong


Mr Long with Mr Faber

Faber sure has said some wild things across the last few years, but still... his commentary is never dull.

Hunter with Holter

As ever, make of that... what you will. I sure don't agree with all of it, but I think the issue of NIRP and future gold upside merits serious consideration.

Back at the Monday open :)