Wednesday, 3 February 2016

1pm update - cyclically still set to claw upward

The smaller hourly equity cycle remains prime to tick back upward. Indeed, by the Friday close, the market should at least be in the sp'1910/20s, but the 40s are actually possible. VIX remains moderately higher in the 23s, but looks highly vulnerable to sub 20s by Friday/next Monday.


UUP, weekly


*the USD is currently -1.4% in the DXY 97.50s. We're clearly brushing rising support that goes back to summer 2014.

I'm still broadly bullish USD, not least as the BoJ and ECB continue to print their currencies - and economies, to oblivion.

As for equities right now... its still floor building time... not least helped as Oil +6.0%.

notable weakness..

BAC -4.1%.. as there sure won't be any rate hikes until Q4 at the earliest.
F -2.1%, TSLA -4.7%
INTC -2.2%

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