Thursday, 25 February 2016

11am update - set for further upside

US equities have cooled from an opening high of sp'1939 to 1925, have probably seen the low of the day, and look set for a second consecutive net daily gain in the 1935/45 zone. A daily close above the 50dma looks more viable tomorrow/next Monday.



Little to add.

A little morning chop... but broadly.. the trend should be clear to most. We're still headed higher.. with a daily close above the 50dma... tomorrow or early next week.

notable stock... BA

Looks headed for the upper end of the gap zone..  $127/128s. A somewhat interesting thought is that 'natural downside' would be to the mid $70s.. and that is a roughly 40% drop.

Here in London city

A little sun... but still chilly. The somewhat good thought is that next Tuesday will be March 1st, and within a few more weeks... bright evenings!

time to cook