Tuesday, 1 December 2015

VIX naturally cooling

With equity indexes closing significantly higher, the VIX was naturally back in cooling mode, settling -9.0% @ 14.67. Near term outlook offers the sp'2115/20 zone, and that will likely equate to VIX 13/12s. If sp'2150/70 by mid Dec', a brief spike to the VIX 20 threshold is subsequently viable before year end.




Suffice to note... VIX remains broadly very subdued.

There is a scenario in that perhaps the market will reach 2150/70 at the time of the next FOMC, and then see a brief sell down.

Broadly, equities look on track for continued strength into early 2016.

*As things are, I have ZERO interest in being long VIX until spring 2016.. at the earliest.

more later... on the indexes