Tuesday, 1 December 2015

10am update - breaking into the 2100s

US equities open moderately higher, and are quickly building gains... as the sp'2100s are imminent. It is notable that Oil came close to losing key support.. but is now rebounding, first target is the 50dma in the $45s.


USO, daily2


The hourly MACD equity cycle was warning of upside... and here we are... breaking out of the trading range.

First target is the sp'2115/20 zone.

Sustained action >2120 will offer a straight run to the 2150/70 zone, which remains viable by the FOMC of Dec 16th.

notable strength: DIS +1.4% in the $115s. New historic highs >122... look viable, as the Star Wars hysteria is set to go exponential this month.

... and yes... I am long X-wings

stay tuned!