Tuesday, 22 December 2015

1pm update - the 2030s

US equities see renewed upside to the sp'2030s, and indeed, a daily close in the 2030s looks probable, along with VIX 17/16s. Seasonally, the equity bears have no realistic opportunity again until mid/late January. Between now and then.. its a case of whether the bulls can break >2134.


GLD, daily


*Gold is moderately weak, as Gartman is touting it bullish.

For some hilarity.. see: HERE

As for equities.. a daily close in the 2030s looks highly probable... with the 2040s tomorrow.

What should be clear.... 

1. no downside power
2. seasonal upside
3. increasingly subdued
4. If Oil can push higher... equities will be pressured upward

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