Tuesday, 22 December 2015

11am update - clawing upward

After a rather messy open, US equities have resumed clawing upward, and look set for a close in the 2030s.. along with VIX 17/16s. Oil is battling to build sig' gains, currently +1.1% in the $36s. If Oil can climb to the $40 threshold in Jan'2016, that sure would help negate any threat of downside in the short term.


USO, daily2


Little to add.

Again, it remains the case, where are all those who were touting a crash wave last week? Are the tylers busy editing posts on Zerohedge to make it appear as though they were never getting hysterical about a quad-opex crash?

Santa is almost here...  want to be short ahead of him?

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