Monday, 28 December 2015

11am update - low volume declines

US equities continue to slide, with the sp' set to floor around 2040, with VIX in the mid 18s. The precious metals are very weak, Gold -$7, with Silver -2.8% in the upper $13s. Oil is notably cooling from last weeks strong gains, -2.9% in the $36s.




*again, note the hourly MACD cycle.. we've a bearish cross, and it'll likely stay that way into early tomorrow.

I realise some bears will be getting overly excited at this morning post-Christmas declines, but there is unquestionably next to zero sell side behind it.

Algo-bots are just washing the market out.. before resuming higher into year end, and probably, at least to mid-January.

Here in London city...

The retail crowd are out in force today. Anyone want to be stuck in traffic for a few hours?

time to cook