Monday, 28 December 2015

10am update - opening weakness

US equities open moderately lower, with the sp'500 trying to fill a price gap around 2040. VIX has jumped at the open, seemingly headed to also fill a gap in the 18s. Broadly.. the market is still highly inclined for upside into mid January.




*note the hourly MACD (blue bar histogram) cycle, set for a bearish cross within the next 1-2 hours. That does bode for the sp'2040 gap zone to be filled today.

So.. we're a little lower, but really.. there is very little downside power.

Sustained action <2040 looks out of range.. along with VIX >20.

notable strength.. DIS

.. as some analysts finally start to recognise Star Wars VII will break all records.

time for a minor venture... back soon.