Tuesday, 10 November 2015

China continues to recover

Like most other world equity markets, the Shanghai comp' didn't manage an Oct' close above the important 10MA, but it is continuing to recover, with a net Monday gain of 1.6% @ 3636. First target remains a monthly close in the 3800s by year end.

China, daily

China, monthly


How China - and other world equity markets, settle the year will be very important. The US market is leading the way higher, followed by Germany and China/Japan.

I'm guessing we'll see the Shanghai comp' back in the 4000s before most realise it... and then its a straight run to the 6000s by late 2016.

Looking ahead

Tuesday will see import/export prices and wholesale trade.

*Fed official Evans will be speaking on US Govt' debt in the afternoon... I would imagine a number of 'US Govt' debt is under control' comments.

Goodnight from London