Monday, 30 November 2015

3pm update - another month comes to a close

November trading is set to close with the sp'500 moderately net higher, having solidified a higher low of 2019. December offers the 2115/20 zone in the immediate term, with new historic highs - 2150/70, before year end... whether the fed raise rates... or not. Oil is notably weak, -0.9% in the $41s


USO, daily2


*note the second consecutive green candle, it sure ain't bearish.

A quiet start to the week... but price action will likely significantly favour the equity bulls as the week proceeds.

notable movers...

TWTR -2.2%... as the momo chasers sure aren't interested in this mess

INTC +1.1%... underlying momentum remains very strong... even on a quiet day.

CREE +2.2%... broadly strong... from the $22s to 27s, set for the 29/30 zone.

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