Friday, 30 October 2015

VIX claws higher into end month

With equities settling moderately lower, the VIX clawed higher into the monthly close, settling +3.1% @ 15.07. Across the week, the VIX settled +4.2%. Perhaps most notable, for the month of October, the VIX settled net lower by -38.5%.





*A rare look at the monthly cycle, but it does merit highlighting, as we've now seen the VIX collapse from 53.29 (Aug 24th) to 12.80 (Oct 28th).

Suffice to add, the VIX is due an up cycle... and the Fed day spike low of 12.80 will likely not be hit again until December.

At best, an equity retrace to sp'2020/00.. and that might equate to VIX 'briefly' in the low 20s..

more later... on the indexes