Friday, 30 October 2015

11am update - nano churn

After a minor swing from sp'2092 to 2084 (ohh, the drama!)... we're right back to nano scale price churn. There would seem little to expect from the rest of today.. with the sp'500 set for a net monthly gain of around 8.8%. Commodities are leaning on the weaker side, Gold -$4, with Oil holding flat.


GLD, daily


The weakness in Gold is stronger than it might seem, as the USD is -0.6%.

For now, the miner ETF of GDX is managing to hold flat... but broadly... its not looking so great.

notable reversal...

DIS, daily

Opening gains to $115.24, but the sellers are increasingly appearing.... earnings due next Thursday.

Best case downside is arguably the 200dma.. around $108. Anything much under that looks extremely difficult.. not least as the sp'500 is not going to fall to 2000 next week.

time for lunch