Friday, 2 October 2015

1pm update - another wacky VIX flash print

With US equity indexes turning positive, with a new high of sp'1930, the VIX has seen a sporadic flash-print, hitting 20.35.. before immediately rebounding. Regardless, from a pure cyclical perspective, the smaller 5/15/60min cycles are all on the very low side... the VIX is set for upside early next week.




*I remain long-VIX, and considering the price structure... and overall equity action (not least the earlier break <sp'1900)... I will be content to hold VIX across the weekend.. along with DIS and GE.. both short.

So.. with sp' @ 1930, everything is fine again?

With 3 hours still to go.. there is plenty of time for another down cycle.. at least to get close to 1910/00 zone. I admit.. a weekly close <1900 now looks overly difficult.

notable strength: GDX, +5.5%.. as Gold +$21.

1.24pm.. VIX trying to put in a (ignoring the flash-print) low of 21.52.... 22s will be provisional break UP.

Overall.. crazy day.. but then.... its October....  a typically wild month.