Monday, 28 September 2015

1pm update - its getting interesting

US equities are so far unable to find any kind of short term floor, with a new intra low of sp'1889.. along with VIX in the upper 26s. The only solace for the bull maniacs is that for now.. there is no sense of any market panic. Commodities remain broadly weak, Gold -$12, whilst Oil is -2.4%.




*I'm trying to keep in mind the perpetual threat of an intra bounce.. but clearly so far... FAIL.

Right now. best bounce upside would be around 1910/15 zone.. and if we rallied from here.. it'd likely take until tomorrow morning to complete.

Special note..

R2K, takes out the Aug' low...

Next support is the Oct' 2014 low of 1040... which would equate to sp'1820.. by this Thursday

*I am on the sidelines.. have ZERO interest in any longs.. would consider a market re-short.. but more so.. tomorrow morning at 11am.

1.07pm.. Market trying to punch another floor from 1889.... now 1893.

In theory... a bounce would last into tomorrow morning..rather than complete today.  

1.29pm.. another fail... new low 1888... with VIX 27s

notable weakness, energy.. CHK -9% in the $6.70s....  pure horror