Monday, 20 July 2015

2pm update - tedious melt

US equities break a new cycle high of sp'2131, as it remains somewhat a case of algo-bot melt. Even a retrace to the 2100 threshold will now require a 1.5% down swing. Metals are unable to see any kind of intraday bounce, Gold -$25, with Silver -0.5%. Oil is increasingly weak, -1.5%


USO, daily


*With Gold under the Nov' 2014 low of $1130, and Oil in imminent danger of losing the key $50 threshold, commodities sure are a problem. Resource/energy stocks are naturally very weak, despite the broader market.

Well, a pretty dull day overall.. aside from the action in the precious metals/miners.

notable weakness: AA -1.9%, set to lose the $10 threshold.. the low 9s look a pretty easy target by early Oct.

strength: AAPL +2.0%.. ahead of Tuesday earnings