Thursday, 11 June 2015

12pm update - chop into the afternoon

US equities remain a little higher, as the market is in consolidation mode after a rather sig' ramp from sp'2072 to 2115. A weekly close >2100 looks a given, whilst upper trend/resistance will be around 2120. USD is seeing a moderate bounce, +0.5% in the DXY 95.10s.


UUP, daily2


*forgive my regular highlights of the USD, but I think it is an important issue in the months.. and years ahead, especially for commodities.

Not much to add. Despite another headline from the EU that the 'last/most recent attempt' for a Greek deal has failed, the market simply doesn't much care. Upside into next Wednesday's FOMC looks set to continue.

notable strength: Ford (F), +2.0%, although the broader trend remains a choppy mess

VIX update from Mr T.   

*not appearing.. again

time for lunch :)