Thursday, 28 May 2015

12pm update - still moderately weak

US equities remain moderately weak, and unlike Tuesday, the bears aren't yet showing any significant downside power. USD has turned a touch lower, which has helped metals and Oil recover from early lows. VIX is battling to break into the 14s.




*action in the metals (and Oil) remains broadly weak.. I'm still short Gold, am waiting to exit on the next sig' wave lower. Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow.

Perhaps the equity market will see another wave lower this afternoon, but for now.. this is clearly not as good as some were seeking.

notable weakness: AA -1.4%... the lowest level since April 2014... seemingly headed for $10/9

*Nat' gas report showed a much bigger build than expected of 112bcf  vs 92.

As a result, Nat' gas is lower by around -4%

VIX update from Mr T

Hmm, some interesting, and important changes for VIX traders.
time to cook... maybe