Thursday, 28 May 2015

11am update - moderate weakness

US equities remain moderately lower, sp -7pts @ 2115. VIX is reflecting only a touch of concern, +3% in the 13.70s. USD is battling to hold the mid DXY 97s. Metals are a touch weak, Gold -$1. Oil is seeing sig' falls of -1.8%.. ahead of the EIA report (11am).




A marginally interesting morning.. but clearly.. its nothing for the bears to get excited about yet.

At the very least, bears need a daily close <2110.. along with VIX 14s... that would keep the door open to increasing weakness into the monthly close.

 notable weakness: energy stocks, CHK -3%, SDRL -5%

strength: TWTR +1.9%... I've no idea why, although in the scheme of things, the stock remains utterly smashed since recent earnings.

awaiting the Oil report....

11.02am.. a net fall of -2.8 million barrels... similar to last week.

Oil jumps 1% on the report... but still.. net lower by -1%