Wednesday, 29 April 2015

3pm update - clawing into the close

US equity indexes are battling for a positive net daily gain.. as market consensus is that the Fed won't raise rates until at least September. USD is seeing a sig' late afternoon bounce.. as the Euro cools. Metals are seeing increasing weakness, Gold -$5. Oil is similarly cooling, but still +2.5%



Interesting day.

It would seem the USD will claw upward into the close...

*I will consider going re-long Oil tomorrow... and/or long-Euro.. via FXE. Euro looks set for 1.17/1.20 by mid June.

Notable hyper-strength in Salesforce (CRM)... as Bloomberg post a story on a 'possible acquirer'...

Like the recent instances of TCK and DISCA (amongst others)... I would not be surprised to see CRM refute the story.. for the stock to collapse AH or early tomorrow.

Risky situation.... for those still long.. and holding overnight.

notable weakness: TWTR -8.2%.... utterly dire near term outlook.. at least to the 36/35s... if not the Dec' low of $34s.

3.18pm.. Equity chop... but clearly.. no sig' downside right now.. despite the USD holding well above the earlier lows.

Euro.. via FXE, 60min

I will have eyes on FXE tomorrow morning... gap zone looks an easy target.. to consider going long. Upside target is 1.17/1.20