Wednesday, 29 April 2015

2pm update - time for some fedspeak

The latest FOMC announcement is due, although no policy change/rate hike is now likely until September. Equities are already seeing something of a recovery, with a net daily gain viable for all indexes. Oil is starting to cool from the earlier high, as the USD is trying to bounce.


USO, 60min


... standing by....

notable weakness: BABA -3.5% in the low $82s... earnings are next week.  Hmmm

2.02pm.. Initial reaction..

USD jumping up.... putting pressure on everything.. esp' metals/Oil

2.06pm.. spike floors on the smaller equity cycles... a net daily gain looks probable.

Meanwhile... TWTR still falling -7.4%... the $38s are imminent.    Next key support is 36/35... which will likely hold.

2.14pm...Every tick higher in the USD.... equities, oil, metals.... tick lower.... naturally.

2.28pm  USD having bounce from -1.4% to -0.8%.... interesting move... it'd seem the USD will probably start Thursday moderate higher... will be tempting short... or long Euro... via FXE.

..TWTR just keeps on falling -8.0% in the upper $38s.... no one wants to buy until 36/35.

2.45pm... oh lookie... Salesforce (CRM).. suspended.. after hyper-ramping for no known reason..

Like TWTR yesterday.. does someone know something? (do they have earnings today?)

.. no.. its not earnings.