Tuesday, 14 April 2015

3pm update - clawing higher into the close

Most equity indexes are holding minor gains, and look set to claw slowly higher into the close. Metals remain broadly weak, Gold -$7, with Silver -0.5%. Oil has managed to hold sig' gains of 2%, but will be vulnerable as the next inventory reports are due.



A baby bull flag on the 5/15min cycles.. and overall, it has been a day where the bears saw a bonus opportunity to exit in early morning... ahead of broader strength.

There remain a truck load of earnings due across this week, so there will at least be some dynamic individual stock price action, even if the main market is relatively subdued.

notable weakness, INTC, -1.2%... ahead of earnings.

 A break <$29 would be a major fail... and open up $25. Conversely.. a move into the $32s would open up $35.

.. certainly, its one to watch in AH.

back at the close.