Tuesday, 21 April 2015

1pm update - chop into the afternoon

US equities remain moderately mixed, with minor declines for the Dow, sp'500, whilst the R2K and the Nasdaq are a little higher. VIX is reflective of a market that has little worry about Greece, or that earnings data are regularly missing in terms of revenue.



Nothing much to add.

Its turning into a moderately tedious Tuesday of chop... although clearly, there are a fair few individual movers.

Bears look powerless, and a break >sp'2111 still looks due.

Consider this... we're only 1% from breaking a new historic high.. that is easily within range by end week.. and certainly next Thursday (end month).

notable weakness, TCK -5.4%...

Copper miners having renewed trouble... and if you are also seeking Gold $1000 this summer, then it has to be asked.. what level will Copper be?

*I certainly can't be getting involved in any of the miners until the precious metals see another significant wave lower.

stay tuned.. back at 2pm