Monday, 27 April 2015

12pm update - a man will not...

US equity indexes are holding moderate gains, having broken new historic highs of 2125 (sp'500) and 11248 (NYSE comp'). With the USD -0.3%, the metals are especially strong, Gold +$23, with Silver +4.1%. Oil is struggling, back to u/c in the $57s.

UUP, weekly


*the break in the USD should be clear to anyone by now. USD looks headed for DXY 93/92 within the next month or two. For me, the only issue is whether the retrace is a little faster..  or even sharper... to 90/89.

Under no outlook do I see a move back below the breakout level of 87s. USD looks set to resume higher this year.. to the 120s.. which would likely cause at least some degree of market upset.

For now, its merely a case of equity grind.. to the upside.

notable strength:  miners, GDX +3.5%.. .as the precious metals rise, although price structure remains a very bearish H/S formation.

VIX update from Mr T.

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