Monday, 27 April 2015

11am update - 13pts to go

Whilst the broader market remains holding moderate gains, the Nasdaq comp' has notably come within a mere 13pts of the tech bubble high of 5132. A key break through looks inevitable.. opening up 6-7k. Metals have built significant gains, Gold +$22.. whilst Oil has turned lower, -0.3%

Nasdaq comp' daily


Anyone still doubt the broader market upside?

It remains somewhat bemusing to me how few are taking much of this seriously. A break of 5132 is viable today... and looks a certainty this week.

From there... it'll be interesting to see what targets start to appear in the mainstream for the Nasdaq.. and indeed, the broader market. Upgrades look due.

notable strength: TWTR, +2.8% in the $52s.

Earnings are due at the Tuesday close.. viable upside to 57/62.