Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Submit your target for end 2015

US equities look set to close the year at new historic highs, with the sp'2100s and Dow 18000s. Even the R2K is set to break out after a year long of pain. Yet.. what about 2015? Its time to submit YOUR outlook for end 2015.

sp'monthly6 - scenarios for 2015

sp'weekly7, rainbow


Suffice to say...  day'4 up for the US equity market. Second green candle on the weekly 'rainbow' chart... nothing bearish here!

Submit your outlook

I had been meaning to do this last year, but I never got around to it. With just over a full week left of the year...  I'm open to taking your predictions!

Two aspects to submit (latter is optional)

Primary -  2015 year end target for sp'500. Submit a specific number, rather than a range.
Secondary - anything else you want to note, whether Dow, a commodity, individual stock, or even an economic trend. No more than a few sentences/brief notes only please!

How to submit...

The best way to submit a target (and any related notes)... is via the DISQUS comments system. If you don't yet have a DISQUS account... go get one! See HERE

You are free to email me (see CONTACT).. left column... but if you do... please let me know what 'display name' I should use, to go with your target/notes, for publishing on Jan1'st.

You could also post via Twitter.. to any of my most recent tweets.


1. Prize? The only prize is the prize of being more right than any of the other maniacs out there, not least yours truly!

2. I will publicly post your sp'500 target, along with your DISQUS name, Twitter handle, the website that you represent, OR any other name of your choice.

*I strongly suggest you submit via Disqus... it makes things somewhat easier for me.

3. You are welcome to adjust/re-submit an entry up to midnight (UK) Dec'31st 2014.

4. I aim to post the full list of entries on Thursday Jan'1st 2015, and will likely occasionally refer back to them across next year.

What is my target for end 2015?

Actually, I've not yet settled on a number yet, but it'll likely be higher than sp'2500. On that speculative note.....     

Goodnight from London