Tuesday, 23 December 2014

10am update - new day... new highs

US equities break new historic highs of sp'2085, along with Dow in the 18000s. VIX remains in melt mode, -4% in the mid 14s... 12/11s are due before year end. Metals are seeing minor gains, Gold +$4... but looks vulnerable to turning red this morning. Energy is mixed, Nat' gas -1.5%, whilst Oil +0.6%

R2K, daily

GLD, daily


*R2K... 1205... getting very close to breaking a new historic high.. and that will be the ultimate signal for next year.

re: econ-data. The revised Q3 GDP of 5.0% is clearly a much better than expected number, the best since 2003. On any basis, the US economy is doing far better than the rest of the world, which is why King $ is still King

Regardless of today's close.... its already been one hell of a crazy 5 day ramp from sp'1972 to 2085... 113pts...

Notable strength: CHK +7%... on an announced $1bn buyback... yeah... buying back stock will solve ALL their problems.