Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Daily Wrap

US equities broke another pair of new historic highs, sp'2093, with R2K @ 1220. Near term outlook remains bullish into January. All the bigger trading cycles are offering sp'2130s before the next opportunity of a minor down wave. A break under sp'2k looks unlikely for a very considerable time.


R2K, daily


Little to add.

What should be clear.. the breakout in the R2K is an extremely important event, and bodes for broad upside across much... if not all of 2015.


Despite the market managing two new index highs, the VIX opened higher, and held moderate gains into the close, settling +5.1% @ 15.24

VIX, daily3

VIX remains relatively subdued, and considering it is a holiday trading week, VIX will probably melt lower later this week. The 12/11s certainly seem viable. 

a little more later...