Thursday, 20 November 2014

3pm update - tedious Thursday

US equities are still holding moderate gains, and with price action as it is.. there is no realistic hope of a close under the daily 10MA of sp'2041. Metals are building gains, Gold +$11, which is giving the miners a kick.. the ETF of GDX +3.1%.



Very tiresome... and the morning low of sp'2040 now looks a fair way lower.. and clearly out of range for today.

VIX showing zero sign of market concern, -1.5% @ 13.75... ahead of tomorrow's main market opex.

INTC building gains, +4.1%, the highest level since Nov'2000. The tech bubble high for Intel was $56.25.. in Aug'2000.

3.21pm.. sp'2049... so.. no new highs today... but that is small consolation for the lack of downside follow through.

back at the close.......