Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pre-Market Brief

Good morning... from a windy city. Futures are higher, sp +14pts, we're set to open at 1918, well above the 200 dma of 1906, and just a little under the old broken 1926/25 floor. Metals are a touch higher, Gold +$2, whilst Oil is flat.



Well, I'm frankly exhausted.. I've had a long day already... and its been a bit of a stormy morning in the great city...

see: BBC news: remnants of Gonzalo

I will endeavour to be around, but if I miss an hour or two..... its because I'm asleep.

As for Mr Market, well, futures were sp -14pts earlier, and now we've swung 28pts.. for seemingly no reason.

It would seem we'll just keep clawing higher into next week, before the next major rollover... but more on that later.


Firefox has just issued a new v.33 update, and it completely FAILS unless you also update the graphics card driver (well, at least for Nvidia cards).

Maybe one or two of you out there might find that useful this week.

*notable strength, post earnings... AAPL, +1.9% in the 101s