Monday, 28 July 2014

11am update - morning turn

US equities remain weak, with borderline significant declines in the R2K, -0.8% in the low 1130s. VIX has managed a minor spike into the mid 13s, but as ever.. is highly vulnerable to losing the gains.



Typical turn time... 11am... will any bulls want to buy the 1975/65 zone?

I see today.. and probably tomorrow as minor churn ahead of the main event.... FOMC/GDP Wednesday.

Until then... no clear direction in the short term

Okay..finally checked on the Transports... -1.2%...

The 'ascending wedge' crowd will be getting excited.

11.30am...Well, we're well off the lows now..but still in down channel.

Were I not doing updates, I'd switch off until Wed' morning for the GDP data.

VIX +2%.. back in the 12s.... not surprising.