Friday, 9 May 2014

12pm update - battling it out

US equities are still seeing weak minor chop, but the hourly cycles are looking pretty much floored. The notable weakness remains within the R2K/Nasdaq, but those two laggards are viably floored on the bigger daily charts.



There is not much to add, on what is a relatively quiet end to the week. I will note, next week doesn't look to offer much.

VIX update from Mr T



*notable reversal in STX, a full $1 above the earlier low of $48.46, but still, that stock is -10% since earnings, and it remains a major loser on my part. Urghh!

time for tea

12.41pm... well, I guess a whole truck load of bears just made a run for it.. and all indexes are now positive.

yours....trying to be patient.