Thursday, 9 January 2014

12pm update - choppy mess

The main indexes continue to see minor price chop, although we have a marginal break of the Wed' sp'1831 low. Regardless of any further minor downside..the broader trend should strongly reassert itself once the monthly jobs data (Friday, 8.30am) is out of the way.




*VIX looks set to struggle, just to break >13.50. Certainly, the 15s look completely out of range for some days..if not a few weeks.

So..a bit of a messy morning, opening gains..swiftly reversed...but really, the declines right now are still very minor...and in the scheme of be dismissed as noise.

UAL is cooling down a little, +9.5%, but still represents a huge gain, and is good follow through from yesterday. The $48s look due next week.


12.21pm... sp'1834...hmm, this is such a choppy mess. real tough to guess the smaller waves. Regardless, there is still chance of a weekly close in the 1850s, not that it is 'necessary' anyway.

notable strength: Ford, 2.1%..on the CEO not leaving for MSFT.

time for tea :)