Wednesday, 18 December 2013

1pm update - AAPL on the edge

Whilst the main market continues to see minor chop, Apple (AAPL) is on the edge of breaking a pretty important rising channel. A break <540 will open up 530/528..where the 50 day MA is lurking. The rest of today will be pretty fascinating to watch.

AAPL, daily


Just an hour to go until the FOMC....this hour will understandably be pretty quiet.

*I will be doing extra intra-hour updates from 2pm..until the close..

For now..its time to get some tea/coffee...and get ready for the big show.

stay tuned!

1.18pm.. a surprising down wave...testing the 1772 low.

Are the bears just being teased here, or is this something big?  I still gotta think this won't end well for the bears...but hey...we'll soon find out.

1.35pm.. VIX is higher for the 7th consecutive day..which is second only to the recent 8 day (record breaking) run.

Feeling the tension yet?