Friday, 20 December 2013

10am update - new highs, as expected

The sp'500 breaks a new historic high - confirming the Thursday new high in the Dow. Bulls have a reasonable chance of a weekly close in the sp'1820s, and this opens up the 1830/40s next week. Metals are bouncing, Gold +$6. VIX Is falling into the weekend, -6% in the low 13s.




The strong close in the Dow..last month was more than enough to clarify the bigger picture.

We saw a very minor pull back..and with the taper uncertainty out of the way, this market now has a clear road to the upside.

Notable strength: STX, +2.6% in the $53s..and this looks to be a $100 stock..within two years.

AMZN breaks $ doubt rising on Christmas sales..which will help it to lose more money!